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Reasons why ALDUB Rocks

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I have been an avid follower of ALDUB for quite sometime now and haven't blogged about it till now. But as this love team celebrate their 100 days, I believe it is apt for me to share my appreciation to the rest of ALDUB nation.

These reasons are at random (not by ranking):

1. ALDUB in Kalye Serye provides fun intermission before going to sleep.
If I am still awake at night, watching replays gives me a good laugh and kilig before falling asleep.

2. Falling in love with Twitter again
I usually logon to Twitter when I just want to announce something or live tweet an event. With Twitter as the primary platform where everyone tweets their support and insight on Kalye Serye episodes, it is a cool way to keep yourself updated about Aldub Nation at large.

3. Power of communities
Following ALDUB will expose you to the bigger community of followers, known as ALDUB Nation, who police itself. I love observing passionate communities as it keeps our feet on the ground as marketers, writers, and entrepreneurs.

4. Maine Mendoza is an online celebrity
I always believe that everyone online is a digital influencer. Maine Mendoza, being able to cross the line in a big way from online to offline, is a proof of that.

5. Traditional values in modern times
As I have talked about online dating and breakups in past interviews, the program serves a good reminder to the present generation on the importance of being patient and taking time to know each other better.

6. Relief from traffic
When stuck in traffic, I usually read Facebook feeds. But now, am stuck on YouTube watching replays and on Twitter checking what the fandom is discussing.

7. There's more to social media outside of Facebook
There was a time when Facebook was the most "in" place.  If you are a business, it is a must place to be. But the more you watch Kalye Serye and be part of its community, you will spend less time on Facebook as you check out Twitter and YouTube, Instagram, SnapChat, more. Also Google for checking the latest news item about Aldub, Alden Richards, and Maine Mendoza.

8. Analyst insights
I enjoy reading the write-ups and observations by various  experts, media personalities, and bloggers have published about Aldub. These various write-ups got followers intrigued more as the insights shared are more than just the love team - it tackle its effect to the public at large.

9. ABS-CBN declared war on Aldub
But what intrigues me more is how ABS-CBN has responded to the love team. They have done things that I have never seen before like putting all love teams in one big It's Showtime event, Pastillas Girl, and now the required trimming down of ADLUB-starred commercials.

Before Aldub, I am a regular "It's Showtime" viewer and laugh on comedy antics, funny segments.  Of course, "Gandang Gabi Vice" is much more fun to watch.

But when moves to counter Aldub started happening, twerking contest, Pastillas Girl, it polarized viewers to take a position (even those who enjoy watching both shows). Moreso when "Its Showtime" hold their Smart Araneta event guesting almost all ABS-CBN love teams. I felt it forced viewers to decide which "team" do they want to belong to. It was ABS-CBN vs. Eat Bulaga. Obviously, EB / Aldub was the underdog. The rest was history.

This polarization is further aggravated by news that ABS-CBN required trimming down of ALDUB featured advertisements. Although this is an old policy that has been there for quite sometime. It does not sink in logically at its present time as fairness gets questioned.

It will look awful to see KathNiel and JaDine ads be given the same treatment. I am not sure how ABS-CBN will pull itself out of this animosity that they have created with viewers who enjoy watching programs from a variety of TV stations.

They also have missed out a classic rule in psychological warfare. The more upfront and combatant ABS-CBN gets, in banning ALDUB content, the more they help increase ALDUB following by making the audience feel that it is an underdog being stepped on. It will also validate advertiser's investment as observation of events will point that ALDUB has become a powerful force that ABS-CBN is fearful of.

10. Great minds observe and learn from people and events
There was this old quote circulating around indicating small minds talk about events and people while great minds focus on ideas. I used to believe that too. But when the whole thing about Aldub began reaching audiences far and wide, I can confirm that the best ideas come from observing people and events.

11. User-generated-content in action
When you get to listen to songs created by fans, you'll be amazed how much Aldub has inspired a lot of Filipinos. This includes the artwork, designs, parades, production performances in schools and offices, products, and services influenced by its culture. Of course, not to forget the daily hashtags decided upon by key fandom viewers of the program.

12. Death of paid trending
There was a time when some products, TV programs, among others would pay personalities and contractors to make their topic trend on Twitter. Fandom generated hashtags now dominate the trending list for shows including ALDUB, It's Showtime, PBB, PSY, OTOW. Fans have become savvy as well where they now check where the tweets come from - whether they are authentic or bots doing auto-retweets or scheduled postings. They even shoutout to peers to block and report misbehaving account profiles.

13. It united Filipinos
#TeamBahay, #TeamAbroad, #TeamOnline usually join forces only whenever there is a Manny Pacquiao fight. But now they connect more, on  a regular basis, because of Aldub.

14. Embrace "being real"
When most social media users are pressured to put their best face, photo, and side forward, Maine Mendoza have shown that there is more to that.

15. Mystery touch
Maine Mendoza dubsmashing for 2 months in Kalye Serye caught everyone in a trance. Curious, intrigued, as to who she really is. What is she like? Is the sweetness of Alden Richard for reel or real? As Maine Mendoza was finally allowed to speak, we are only getting to know her now. The on-the-spot reality show type made us also demanding but accepting of their "being human".

16. Puts Philippines on the social media map
We were once dubbed as the social media capital of the world. But as other countries develop, we lost that stature. With Aldub, Filipinos started asserting itself once again on the use of social media. Holding the highest record of 41 million tweets in 24 hours.

17. Social causes
I have encountered friends who are part of Aldub communities supporting Lumads, Red Cross, and the likes. Of course, the Tamang Panahon event last October 24 set the example by organizing a huge fundraiser where all proceeds are given to building of libraries.

18. Eat Bulaga roots strengthened
From time to time, I get to watch Eat Bulaga and particularly enjoy its Sugod Bahay segment because of its unpredictability. Especially when they get to guest again those they were able to help and see how they used the prizes they got to change their lives for the better. It is fortunate for Maine to be part of such segment as that has brought her closer to the masses in a short span of time. It reminded me of the time when Marian Rivera was part of the Sugod Bahay team and giving her own share of money to help the winner.

19. Top rating
For a noon time show to get primetime rating, it is a big deal. Moreso as Aldub helped make it happen. This popularity is beginning to rub-off to other TV programs as well of GMA Network who included a portion of Aldub in their content. It also helped raise advertising revenues of the TV network.

20. Innovation in action
Aldub has challenge many to be innovative in their execution. The Preview Magazine November edition is a great example where the editors had to be creative in making their story vision materialize. It made the commercials they endorsed much creative too as they also explored the characters not being together in one advertisement.

21. Time for Alden to shine
Got the chance to watch several episodes of the Ilustrado TV series when it was still airing. Alden has shown a lot of potential at that time. However, it seems if you don't have a love team partner, there is not much to talk about as a showbiz personality. His accidental pairing with Maine Mendoza gave him the opportunity to shine and show his best side. With him being more experienced in this space gave him the expected obligation to take care of Maine.

22. Different kind of love team
As most love teams are a bit more professional rather than personal in their team up packaging, the rawness of Aldub made the audience much more attached to it. There is less script and more of "how do you feel?" As most Pinoys know how it is like to say what you want to communicate through songs, their dubsmashing style hits the hopeless romantic really hard.

23. International recognition
Whenever Pinoys get international recognition, most of us are happy about it right? Manny Pacquio, Charice, 4th Impact, Arnel Pineda, beauty pageant winners, among others. As international media and foreign celebrities start talking about Aldub and interact with the pair, I think it is just a matter of time and we will likely see old Kalye Serye videos having English caption soon and be posted on sites like

24. Jose, Wally, Paolo
On Aldub day 2, the pairing has shown greater potential when Jose and Paolo nudge Alden to respond to YayaDub via dubsmash. On day 3 and 4, Lommy brought the house down. The whole Eat Bulaga family was also enjoying the moment on that first week. And Kalye Serye was born after the 1st weeksary. The ongoing transformation of JoWaPao gave the series the resilience it need to enrich the story elements.

25. Tito, Vic, Joey, and the whole cast / crew of Eat Bulaga
Supportive is the best word I can use to describe them. Especially Joey De Leon who invaded Twittersphere with his own style of poetry and brave commentary answering Aldub detractors. (Sometimes I wonder what it will be like if DJ Mo Twister and Joey De Leon will have a Twitter argument as they are both unafraid to express their views online.)

26. Aldub on daily news
Interesting to see what happens on noontime shows are now part of regular evening Showbiz news. Rappler, Inquirer, Manila Bulletin, Philippine Star, Interaksyon actively having Aldub stories from its episodes. TV5 even discusses the love team in some of its programs.

27. Endorsements
The commercial deals signed by the pair only shows how much influence they have made to the audience. This includes McDonalds, TNT, Zonrox, Bear Brand Adult Plus, Belo, and Coca Cola. Alden is also endorsing Snow Caps while Maine Mendoza is the face of 555 Sardines, and O+ Ultra.

28. No to hacking
When the social media accounts of Maine Mendoza and several fan chapters Twitter account got hacked, followers were quick to retaliate against those who claimed to be responsible for it. The community also made a clear stand in denouncing hacking regardless of any valid reason behind it as it goes against existing laws such as the Cybercrime Law and E-Commerce Law. Proper complaints were filed and hope those behind it will be captured soon (assuming Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, email service providers, telecommunication companies cooperate in giving data to law enforcement authorities).

29. YouTube favorites
When you check "Popular Right Now - Philippines" on YouTube (as of November 10), you will find almost 30 out of the top 100 videos are those referring to ALDUB, Kalye Serye, Alden Richards, Maine Mendoza.

30. "It's Showtime" re-loaded
I think when ALDUB and Eat Bulaga regained its top rating stature, it has become a humbling experience for cast and management of It's Showtime. It challenge them to take risks and experiment on content.

I guess their being too liberal on its content and concepts for quite sometime became a norm that made ALDUB refreshing on its presentation when it came out.

Like right now, they included TOMIHO as the new segment in their program putting fresh content on their RealiSerye.  As I got the chance to watch PBB and rooted for either TOMIHO to win, when I's Showtime folks appeared on the show, I had a hunch that they will invite TOMIHO in the program, win or lose on PBB, because of its love team and "kilig" component.

TOMIHO is also raw on its nature as they got developed inside Kuya's house and more genuine in comparison to the Pastillas Girl storyline execution. If It's Showtime handles this well, it is indeed a strong contender to ALDUB. As a TOMIHO supporter, I look forward watching this part of the program and hope they won't go too far in exploring this subject, bordering on exploiting them, as these people are real day-to-day individuals.

31. Enjoy while it last
All ALDUB followers know that their popularity is a phase. Remember when It's Showtime was at its peak? Anne Curtis and Vice Ganda were some of the most influential product endorsers. I remember somebody said "everything they touch turns to gold" - meaning how powerful they are as brand endorsers. Like any celebrity, they are also human and had their fair share of challenges.

ALDUB is going through that phase too right now. But this time without the bright lights and diva packaging that ABS-CBN stars are known for when they reach the peak of their popularity.

Although what makes ALDUB interesting is that it is part of the longest running noon time show Eat Bulaga who have met many powerful contenders through the years. Their resilience is already proven. Even if ALDUB exits inevitably, it is likely Eat Bulaga will remain.

I hope Eat Bulaga can keep ALDUB grounded and guide them well on how to be steadfast in changing times. Transition them to where they need to be to help sustain their relevance.

Let me pause here and update it as time permits. Help me add more to this list by sharing your thoughts on why Aldub rocks!

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