Sunday, November 08, 2015

Tips when buying from Lazada Philippines

Online store Lazada Philippines offers exclusive daily deals from its website and mobile application. For faster access anytime, anywhere, make sure to download the Lazada mobile application.

Buying tips for newbies

Of course, when buying online, you want to get the best deal as possible. Here are some pointers to help you out:

1. Note of the Special Promotions

What makes Lazada an interesting site to shop-in are its various mobile app promotions. Some of these deals will require you to download (or access) the Lazada Mobile App to avail them.

Whether you want to buy something for yourself, a gift item, or for your business peers, these deals won't put a big hole on your pocket.

Download (or access) the Lazada Mobile App to be able to get the latest deals once it goes live. Usually, sale items are on limited stocks only and return to its regular promotion rate afterwards.

2. Check out the discount codes.

If you follow the Lazada Philippines Facebook Page, you will often see discount codes being given out. A big chunk of these though can be used on your mobile device. So make sure to download the Lazada Mobile App.

3. Know the "sale" dates.

In Lazada Philippines, they have sale dates too including:

a. MasterCard Mondays (which you can also access from the Lazada Mobile App) that allows buyers to get an additional 10% discount when buying items online.

b. They also have Payday Sale where you can get items at 80% off.

4. If there is a product or item that you got to like, search it within the site.

As a product can come from several suppliers, it can happen that there are several listings of it in the database and may have varying prices. Choose the best price for you. :)

5. If you are #TeamBahay, availing of "cash on delivery" is convenient.

Make sure to leave a reminder to a household member in case you need to go out to avoid missing deliveries.

If you are a busy person, best to pay ahead using the various payment options so you will just wait for the product to be delivered.

Lazada Philippines typically sends a text message informing you that your delivery is on the way. Please make sure to give your mobile number correctly to be kept posted.

Remember to leave your ID and authorization letter in case you will not be around to receive your delivery package.

Be realistic on the delivery dates though as some suppliers tend to get overwhelmed with the volume of orders they get (on big sale dates, this usually reaches up to x20 of their normal daily volume). In the end, it is the sellers who ships the order to the customer (unless they availed of warehouse & logistics service of Lazada).

Will update this article further and add more tips.