Thursday, February 19, 2009

Winning 1st Texas Holdem Poker game

Last January 31, by accident, I got my first chance to play Texas Holdem Poker and won 8 out of 10 rounds of the game. I was doing a video shoot for an IT company at that time. This is for an e-learning application on blog marketing where I was one of the guest resource persons.

After the shoot, I found out that their favorite past time in the office is playing poker. They even have a leader board and everything was done in the spirit of fun. No real money out. When they found out that I don't know how to play, they volunteered to teach and the three of us started.

Ten rounds later, I end up wiping them out. Now I know what others felt when they say that it is hard to play with a newbie player as I hardly gave up in any round no matter how unfavorable my card odds are.

As I have a corporate club member who is into the gambling business of the government, I find having the need to understand how the game works and be more effective in communicating about the subject in the future (be able to play the game as well) is important.


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