Saturday, February 28, 2009

Get Ready for Search Engine Marketing Conference (SEMCON) Pangasinan

Last night, I had the opportunity of sitting-in at a small get-together, participated by SEO practitioners in Pangasinan, at Silverio's. The primary agenda on the table is the upcoming Search Engine Marketing Conference (SEO / SEM/ SEMCON) Pangasinan targeted this 3rd quarter of the year.

Present in the meeting were Gary, Mica, Chad, Clowny, Dilson, Eric, Ferdinand, Philip, Julius S., among others.

I think having a search engine marketing awareness done in different parts of the country is a great idea as this promotes knowledge on its value. Especially now in the time of crisis, with limited marketing resources, I know of a lot of companies shifting their budget towards marketing on the Internet to promote their products & services. This is where search engine marketing & optimization becomes a viable strategic alternative.

What makes Pangasinan special as well is that it is home of some of the top SEO practitioners in the country who actively participates in local and international competitions. It speaks well on the available resource for such a service.

The SEMCON Pangasinan event intends to gather newbies and practitioners interested to learn more about SEO / SEM. Experts in the SEO / SEM field will also be invited to share their knowledge and provide updates.

For those who haven't been to Pangasinan, it is the home of a famous tourist spot in the Philippines - The Hundred Islands.

Will update this post as we get more details about the event as it gets finalized.