Tuesday, March 25, 2008

BNS Hosting Offers Website Mirroring Service

I just got a heads-up from Wilson Chua that Bitstop Network Services (BNS) is now offering website mirroring services.

According to Wilson, website mirroring services will multiply your current website and copy all of its content to another server. "In this case, there are two or more content locations of your site, depending on how many mirror sites are setup. The mirroring server is located in the US. This makes the website easily accessible by US visitors or clients. The bandwidth that is being used by site owners will come from two locations, the US server and Philippines server. This is ideal for handling traffic surges, more visitor capacity, without worrying about your site being down.

Once the site owner updates the original site, the mirror server will update itself as well that makes it easy to maintain. The service is ideal for:
  1. Website owners that need to lighten the load of their current server,or
  2. One that needs more affordable bandwidth costs (perfect for large bandwidth applications like streaming, or popular websites)
  3. One that needs to make their website closer to the US North American market
When asked about the cost, Wilson explains that its pricing is based on on per committed bandwidth, per 1 mbps increments. "The range will usually be between 80 US$ per MB per month, and goes down as the bandwidth increases."

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