Monday, February 25, 2008

Wonderwall rendition by Janin Toral

Since Janin got to Australia to pursue her studies there, she has stopped from singing and recording her videos. Some of the songs she has made a rendition so far includes:
Originals she has done so far includes:
Yesterday, I'm glad that she decided to do it again and experiment with Revver to explore its potential for her.

This is the song Wonderwall by the Oasis.


Daniel Escasa said...

Hey Janette, I presume this is your daughter. Just occurred to me that you were probably pregnant with her the first time we met in the early 90s. You must be proud of her -- pero san galing singing talent niya? :)

Janette Toral said...

@daniel - yes she is! We met around early 1996. I already gave birth then. Galing sa both sides ang singing talent niya. =)