Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Will you vote Chiz Escudero for Senator?

I participated in Yehey's Brewing Point live chat with Congressman Chiz Escudero (Chiz). As we all know, he is currently campaigning as a Senator and decided to launch this online.

As an Internet user, Chiz reads newspaper sites and blogs, trades via eBay, and uses Paypal.
Here are some of the questions posted by Yehey members and his reply: (snippets only)

1. His reaction on actors running as Senators.
Chiz: It is everyone's right to run.

2. What is his platform?
Chiz: Job, education, health. To cap it all up, to bring their voice in the Senate which is our job in our representative democracy.

3. Stand on ph gov images to be removed from wikipedia
Chiz: No answer yet but firm believer that access to info should never be limited.

4. All candidates have similar campaign. What makes you different?
Chiz: Admitted that most of them are similar. Will differ in sincerity, facility, dedication to pursue these objectives.

5. Is he moving to another party?
Chiz: No plans.

6. Comment on government's economic performance.
Chiz: Government doing good job on macro level but sorely lack on the micro or trickle down efffect.

7. Why launch campaign online?
Chiz: To show new, innovative, youthful, and ingenious ways of campaigning given our meager resources.

8. Opinion on expensive education today
Chiz: Believe in giving enough resources to public schools up to tertiary level so that they can compete with private school. Let prices be driven by market competition.

9. Stand on anti-dynasty and does he have relatives running for public office (i asked this question)
Chiz: Father is running at the provincial level. Choices should not be limited for any position. It is up for the voters to decide if they wil vote a canditate given the fact that they may have relatives in government or running for public office.

10. Will he still pursue the impeachment bid if elected at the Senate?
Chiz: Senate can't initiate impeachment.

11. Will he support cha-cha efforts if elected at the Senate?
Chiz: Not in favor of cha-cha at this time. But if needed, preferred mode is con-con.

12. Programs for OFWs
Chiz: Protection and security of our nationals working abroad, fair terms of employment and forward looking politices to predict labor demands from abroad.

13. How can we help Chiz Escudero?
Chiz: Visit chizescudero.com as it provides a guide as to how citizens can help and explains party platform as well.

14. PGMA said that we should leave old issues behind and opposition to present alternatives instead.
Chiz: We say "yes mam" to PGMA whenever she is correct. And "no mam" whenever she is mistaken that our alternatives aren't clear.

15. What is your Mindanao platform?
Chiz: Peace and preserving human life as priority. Armed groups must be disarmed except for AFP and PNP. Bigger budget allocation for Mindanao.

16. Primary legislation to work on (i asked this question)
Chiz: Guarantee accessibility of education to all Filipinos up to college and not only up to high school.

17. Opinion on Sangguniang Kabataan
Chiz: Supports abolition of SK or at least be reviewed/re-oriented.

18. Is government sponsored education feasible? (where will we get money)
Chiz: Job of government doesn't end by merely providing basic education. Study now pay later plans or advanced employment schemes can fund this.

19. He looks like the singer Bamboo
Chiz: Takes it as compliment, makes him smile.

20. Will he function less after being elected (like what most politicians have been)
Chiz: Hopes his track record can speak for his activity and commitment after being elected.

21. Programs for SMEs/cooperatives
Chiz: Adequate and sufficient credit must be made available to SMEs by relaxing the usual banking requirements.

22. He speaks fluent Filipino. What is his opinion on mandating the use of english in schools?
Chiz: It should be mandated because it is an advantage. English should be used as the medium for instruction - without abandoning our own language in so far as other subjects are concerned where Filipino is relevant.

23. Dependency on foreign oil
Chiz: Explore renewable energy. Resolve high electricity cost as it is the number 1 concern of businesses.

24. Opinion on blogging and its relevance to politicians like him
Chiz: Usually view and visit blogs to get the opinions and views of the users. Both positive and negative comments about me, I try to take constructively. It is a good way to get feedback.

25. Opinion on the administration's Unity ticket.
Chiz: Have no bad words against them or to anyone. Will strive to get elected by own merit.

26. Opinion on Manny Pacquiao joining politics and this election
Chiz: It is sad as Filipinos unite to cheer for him and now he decides to leave that to join politicis and submit himself to the electoral process. It is his right though.

Ituloy AngSulong Chiz Escudero and Yehey Chat Brewing Point!


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do you have the full chat transcript? is it available? thanks :)

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I suggest visiting Yehey Chat. It should there soon.

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