Sunday, February 04, 2007

Meeting Errol "Budoy" Mirabiles (Marabiles) and Palmy Pe-Tudtud

Upon arrival in Cebu for judging of the 1st PODD Digital Art Contest in Cebu, I was surprised to find out that Budoy is also one of the judges. We went through the judging process last February 1, had dinner, then met again during the award ceremonies.

Another judge I met is National Commission of Culture and Arts' Ms. Palmy Pe-Tudtud.

Budoy or Errol Mirabiles (Marabiles) is one of the few Cebuano celebrity that has an entry in Wikipedia. His website will be re-launch this March. We had a good chat on how technology is evolving, its effect in the music industry, and shared some insights learned from The Long Tail.

Ituloy AngSulong Palmy Pe-Tudtud and Errol "Budoy" Mirabiles!

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