Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Will you give Francis Kiko Pangilinan another chance as a Senator?

Senator Francis Kiko Pangilinan (blog) is no stranger to information technology. I recalled during my early days as an Infotech moderator in The E-Mail Company, he already maintained a legal forum there and where we post concerns on the impending phone metering scheme then.

Later on, he is also known for maintaining a Friendster account and actively surfs the Internet.

Earlier today, Senator Pangilinan is one of the resource persons for the YCIT event with more than 1500 students participating from colleges all over Luzon. He talked about the fast developments in information technology, Star Wars, texting, family, and values of the youth today. As he entered into the subject of politics, he reminded the youth that the solution to our problems, such as poverty, comes from each one of us. He cited youth groups, such as GenRev, among others, who have taken action by coming up with programs such as food feeding and job employment campaigns.

In the end, the Senator's speech anchors on calling on the youth to take action and be responsible in shaping the future of our country by joining organizations whose aim is to create change for the better in the community.
One Grade 4 student in the audience asked what is his strategy in helping the country:
  • He believes that everyone should be doing everyone's share and it brings pressure to people like him to deliver. His office undertaken several projects and supports organizations, using its resources that do community projects that intend to help and solve specific problems. He referred to groups like Gawad Kalinga as one of the projects they actively supported and help produced around 1000 homes in 40 municipalities throughout the country. Leaders must be able to inspire the community to help in addressing the problems in the country.
  • Say no to corruption. Not steal in the government.
  • Remain honest.

  • No to traditional politics. Not grow up as politician focusing on personal selfish interest.
  • His actions made him felt that he deserves and has right to ask others to do their share too.
It is not really a campaign speech of sorts as he did not asked the people to vote for him although his last slide made that call.

Ituloy AngSulong Francis Kiko Pangilinan!

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Anonymous said...

I definitely will consider him first in the list of senators that I should vote for. SEcond, is Joker Arroyo.

He and Joker Arroyo are the two most sincere, honest and principled people in the senate that I know of, having heard their voices in the sessions as aired on tv.

I wish there were more of them in the candidates today, locally and nationally.