Friday, August 23, 2013

SEO with love

Forbidden love

Answering two (2) SEO-related interviews at the moment. One question asked, "what is your unexpected or surprising lesson learned when it comes to SEO?" This got me thinking and made me analyze some of the issues I handled in the past.

I answered, "Don't mess with an SEO person who is in love with his or her subject. From the point of view of being the person in love and of the opponent, ibang kalaban ang taong in-love. Love moves mountains you know."

The same also applies to former business partners or employees, friends, clients, and the likes. What they have will be "hate".

When unknown personalities (to the client or subject being attacked) started getting involved, a lot of stories get made up, fabricated, exaggerated, or worst they got brainwashed or given inaccurate details.

This is the reason why I am cautious doing search engine related crisis management for personalities as the attackers (or the clients of attackers) are usually known to the subject. It is personal rather than just plain business.