Tuesday, August 31, 2010

News, Celebrity, Gaming, Travel, and Jobs are Yahoo! Top Search Categories for 1st Half 2010

The latest news information, celebrity gossip, vacation information, and jobs are most searched by Filipinos for the first half in 2001 via Yahoo! Philippines according to Arlene Aran Amarante, country sales directory of Yahoo! Philippines.

Yahoo! Top Searched Categories in the Philippines are:
(numbers indicated are popular keywords per category)

1. News is Information (4)
Yahoo! is the go to source for news information. The top searches show Filipinos using the Web to stay on top of news stories. These searches illustrate Filipinos desire for more details on specific stories and news makers.

2. Arts & Entertainment (8)
Entertainment searches also ranked high on the list of top searches, as the celebrity-driven country used the Web to explore both local and global showbiz. Many searched for information on their favorite stars and some used the Web to find updates on new movies, music and upcoming concerts.

3. Gaming (3)
Gaming proved to be another popular trend in the first half of 2010. Filipino gamers utilized Yahoo! to search for online games and new game releases. Searches even showed a need for gamers to get ahead with searches for gaming tips and cheat codes for popular games.

4. Travel & Hospitality (69)
During the summer months in the Philippines many turned to Yahoo! to search for travel and hospitality information. Based on this data, Filipinos seem to want to explore different parts of the world and their searches reflect this by including vacation spots both locally and abroad.

5. Business & Careers (50)
Throughout 2010 business and careers were on the minds of many Filipinos. The top searches show that many use the Web to research job opportunities within the country and abroad. Searches also reflect growth in the e-commerce industry.

Using Yahoo! Search data from January to July 2010, these top searches represent what matters most to Filipinos and offer insights that have proven to be useful to advertisers.

Other categories:

  • automotive (34)
  • electronics (21) 
  • finance (6)
  • flowers & candy (1)
  • food & beverage (2)
  • government (3)
  • health & beauty (1)
  • home & garden (3)
  • Internet & computing (25)
  • lifestyle (2)
  • mass merchants (8)
  • matrimony (1)
  • professional services (6)
  • real estate (3)
  • references (1)
  • science & technology (1)
Sorry folks, was not given actual keywords as they are bidded upon and may affect current value.