Friday, March 20, 2009

Money Deposit & Withdrawal - Criteria for Best Online Casino

I have recently undertaken a 2nd research project that is related to casinos. The first one was a start-up planning to break into a specific country in Asia. The most recent one is a payment solution for online casino sites.


This requires me to check out various Casino Directory online. See who they considered to be as top ranking and what factors influence it. In the case of, the sites they have ranked are what they found to provide professional customer service and games - having the same experience and thrills as in real life playing in a casino. The site also has a blog that keeps you posted on other online casinos out there that are being tested by the site owners.

However, I noticed in various forums that there is confusion on how an account can be funded and be able to withdraw.

For instance, in the US, some online casinos allow you to fund and withdraw using one payment means only. Other payment systems allow you to fund your online casino account but the same can't be used to withdraw money as they are not allowed to do business in the U.S.

Some payment systems also get listed and later the player gets frustrated as they can't sign up at all since they can't do business in the U.S. For international players, some experience getting their accounts locked or unable to withdraw until they reach a specific rank. While some payment systems hardly have a working customer service number accessible at all or takes more than a week to get a decent e-mail reply to complaints.

I think various casino directories should also rank payment solutions used in online casinos so that players will pick the best solution that works for them. This includes easy to fund, easy to withdraw, shorter fund transfer time schedule, lower rates & service charges, and incentives.

I think playing in an online casino can only be so much fun if the deposit and withdrawal experience is equally pleasant that will benefit most of its players.