Saturday, June 16, 2007

Ocean's 13: missing the surprise element

Being able to watch and be thrilled by Ocean's 11 and Ocean's 12, expectations on how Ocean's 13 will awe moviegoers like me can be very high, especially with Al Pacino joining the movie.

I enjoyed the movie, no doubt. Some thoughts:
  • At least Matt Damon's role, Linus Caldwell, is far better than the first two. He has gain more skills and at comfort with what he does.
  • Danny Ocean is somehow losing the fire for this kind of work. Not as suave as before.
  • Willy Bank's participation could have been further extended like how he handled the backlash of the earthquake. They could have shown some background stories or images while they describe how Willy Bank outsmarted his past partners.
  • Francois Toulour, given the skills he possess and shown in Ocean's 12, could have done more stunts and crazy act to get the jewels.
The film kinda gave the feeling that it was rushed. I just can't help but missed the surprise element that awed me on Ocean's 11 and 12.

It wasn't clear on how much money they made because of the action. Although it is amusing how they Terry Benedict became a great charity giver at the end of the film.

I miss the women. It would be great if Julia Roberts and Catherine Zeta Jones were still in the movie and provide additional twist in the film.

Perhaps not giving the audience what it would expect is a suprise by itself. However, the Ocean's movie series with its powerhouse cast should always outperform itself on all aspects.

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docemdy said...

Hi Janette. I saw the movie too and have some observations from a medical perspective. Check out Ocean's 13 and Heart Attack.