Sunday, October 29, 2006

Joining Philippine SEO Contest 2.0

Before the last club eyeball of the Club, I expressed to Marc my intent of joining this year's Philippine SEO Contest 2.0 for fun. I hardly join competitions but I guess this one is really worth doing.

Cheers to Marc for he is surely making activities that deserves to be recognized in Philippine Internet history.


Blog Box said...

Hi Janette!

Glad to see you joining this one ;-).

You'll have to check out the guidelines over @ and leave your details in the comments ;-)

Good luck!

Balato ko ha! ;-)
Ituloy AngSulong!

Benj Arriola said...

Haha, welcome to the contest. :D It is nice indeed to have fun and within this contest alone, you learn a lot of SEO stuff. I think you'll love the Ituloy AngSulong SEO contest.

digitalfilipino said...

Hey Mark and Benj. Thanks for leaving a kind note. I very much appreciate it.