Friday, July 22, 2011

IMMAP on 4As Pitch Policy

4As ( recently asked the Internet and Mobile Marketing Association of the Philippines (IMMAP) to look into the proposed "4As Pitch Policy Implementing Rules and Regulations".

The proposed policy is in line with 4As thrust of promoting professional trade practices and conduct of all stakeholders in the marketing communications industry. It covers instances where a client requires 2 or more agencies to present their speculative creative work. It provides guidelines for both agency and client on how to organize, conduct and conclude a pitch process.

Last July 20, the board met and agreed to issue this IMMAP official statement on 4As Pitch Policy Implementing Rules and Regulations.

IMMAP believes that the essence of the Pitch Fee principle will put some discipline in the way marketing pitches are handled both by clients and agencies.

IMMAP subscribe to the idea of pitch fee policy even for digital once the engagement with the agency would require man hours for creative, strategic and production work required to mount the proposal. We feel that subscribing to a process is a good first step in maturing the practice.
As IMMAP, we support to giving its members, regardless of size, an equal opportunity to work with industry giants. As an organization, we submit to any processes in place that protects both clients and participating agencies.

However, the IMMAP board deliberated the following critical considerations to maintain equal treatment to its membership base: 
1) Compensation: Appropriate confirmation for the man hours incurred in creating a pitch. 
2) Ownership: To protect the intellectual property generated within the pitch, so that a client can own those ideas after the pitch's conclusion. 
3) Exclusions: We have agreed that the Fees only apply to pitches that require the submission of creative materials, concepts, or mockups. Neither credentials nor technology pitches shall be covered by pitch fees. 
4) Unintended Consequences: IMMAP has a very different eco-system wherein the membership has diverse backgrounds. We are very cautious on the unintended consequences of imposing pitch fees in our industry, particularly at a time when the client-agency-supplier structure is not quite defined, and clients are not yet sure where they will place digital marketing functions. 
Therefore, the IMMAP Board has arrived at a resolution which states the following: 
"IMMAP is supporting the 4As Pitch Fee policy for creative pitches. Aside from Credential Presentations, Technology pitches (like the PR exclusion in the existing guidelines) shall be deemed excluded. The pitch fee is only applicable to IMMAP members which are 4As members. To support this principle, IMMAP will create an online facility to report abuses of the policy within its membership ecosystem. All consolidated grievances and complaints shall be endorsed to 4As to take action for the appropriate sanctions and/or penalties as defined under its guidelines."


After the meeting, it was agreed that IMMAP will create a task force and work with 4As to educate / communicate the principles of Pitch Fees to the IMMAP membership. Volunteers from the IMMAP membership is more than welcome.