Sunday, February 06, 2011

Looking for Rent-a-Car Service

I have been renting a car for the past few months now to get me around the city and out-of-town. It relieves the hassle of worrying whether a taxi will be available and spare the need to worry for fuel, driver, parking space, and car maintenance.

Although there are days that the usual for-hire is not available that creates the need to find an alternative.

Found one at AyosDito and glad to know that the rate I am paying for at the moment is already reasonable.

I think hiring a rent-a-car rather than maintaining your own provides a lot of convenience.

This is especially true when the car you rented is actually in good condition with a responsible driver handling it.

Recalled trying to maintain a van sometime ago. Thinking about parking tickets, fuel, maintenance, driver fees and food allowance tends to pile up what I initially thought will be a saving.

Although from time to time, I can't help but also check out used cars. Maybe someday, I will get one.