Sunday, September 30, 2007

How to Survive in Warbook

This is a follow-up to how to play Warbook in Facebook guide that I posted last week. I just reached Level 10 in the game and learned a lot of lessons to survive in the game. Here are some of them:
  1. Focus on building your army
    Whenever you gain gold through conquest, alchemy, or hourly income, spend that in building your army. Although the elites are the best, they can be fairly expensive. So it is best to spread your investment to knights and pikemen instead as they are cheaper and practical too.

  2. Be cautious when making counter-attack
    Just because you were able to repel an attack, it doesn't mean you will win when you hit them back. Make sure that your attack score is the same or higher than your defense score before making a counter-attack. You can also use your mana to spy on them to check how big their army is and compare with yours.

  3. Hit the smallest to increase chances of success
    You can only attack kingdoms that are no more than three (3) times smaller or bigger than you. To do that, assuming you'll attack the smallest, check your kingdom size and divide that by 3. Example: If your kingdom size is 3000, you divide that by 3 and you'll get 1000. Search for kingdoms that are 1001 to 1010 in size and pick the strongest hero that you can attack from there for high exp (to level up faster). Make sure to read if they still have resources or not so you won't waste your army.

  4. Make one or two attacks an hour
    Don't go into an attacking spree to boost your gold and kingdom. The more you attack, you also lose men in your army. As a result, your defense will be weaken and all the land you gain can just be gone in a snap. Also, when you over-attack a hero that belongs to an alliance, you might get subjected to multi-attacks. If you are being over-attacked like more than three times in a day or almost daily, you can join an alliance and ask for help or post a shout-out in the forums.

  5. Attack a kingdom once except.....
    By default, it is practical to attack a kingdom only once - whether you succeed or get repelled. An exemption is when you get more than 10,000 gold in the first attack that gives a hint that the said kingdom is already neglected.
I'm still learning the game, but aiming for Level 50 in Warbook, and will post more survival tips as I experience them.

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