Friday, April 10, 2009

Review - Online Slots

This is the first online slots review site I encountered to date. OnlineSlots reviews online slot machines and gives advice to players interested about it.


What I like about the site are the following:
  • Very simple and clean interface. It is pleasing to the eyes and easy to read. The sub-pages have useful information. Hardly any selling is done at these pages. Perhaps for purposes of optimization and proper search engine indexing.

  • Casino assessment guide. Although it didn't list any specific casino at this point, the information can be used when assessing the ones visited.

  • Reviews various Online Slot Machines software provider and each game available in it. This includes mention whether USA-based players can play or not.

  • Straight to the point information was also provided for online slot playing tips, strategy, advice, payout, bonuses, and even tournaments.
For improvement, I think it will help if the site has videos or photos especially on the part where it provided examples and tips in playing the various slot games available.

A lot of the pages also did not have any reference to any actual online slots casino site, except the home page. This might lead visitors to a dead end if they are there to look for sites where they can play.

As there are a few sites in this category, it will be useful also if it has a forums section.