Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Review: Online Casino Hero

Online Casino Hero is the 8th review site I have featured to date.


What I like about this Online Casino are as follows:
  • Default text size is large enough that encourages the visitor to read.

  • Casino games feature highlights on how it is played online. It also includes strategies for each.

  • It has links to other casino review sites by game. This is the first time I encountered a casino review site that links to others who may even be considered as its competition.

  • Its online casino software feature contains information on which online casino sites are actually running on those platform. Contact information of each provider is also included. It is my first time to see a review site that shows that perspective.
For improvement suggestions, I think it will help if:
  • The frequently asked questions can be broken down into several pages that contains a common topic theme rather putting them all in one page.

  • The online casino news page can contain blog or industry news as picked up in article search engines.

  • Quick link to home page is needed whenever in sub-pages.

  • I like the effort taken by the site to include visuals especially at the online games guide. I think more photos will help that will show screen shots on some of the pages as an example.