Friday, April 17, 2009

Review: Blackjack Stats


Blackjack Stats is the first blackjack site that I have reviewed to date. What I like about the site includes:
  • Provides practical victory guidelines and calculator resource.

  • Provides Basic Blackjack Strategy that is easy to follow and presented logically. Reading it gave me more confidence to try it out next time rather than pay slots.

    The site also has a free Blackjack game just to get the player started and be familiar with it.

  • The Blackjack strategy tables and charts is a very useful resource for players who are getting serious in playing the game. The output is used to further analyze one's odds of winning and best strategy to approach it.
I find it interesting to visit a site that is able to get a visitor all excited to try out the game. This is one of those rare sites.

Some suggestions for improvement:
  • The Blackjack card counting statistics table can be too overwhelming at a glance. Perhaps it will be best to split them into several pages with more explanation or images.

    If this gets done, it will allow me to analyze the tables and charts better.

  • Photos and videos, if added, can be very useful to newbies wanting to learn the game.