Friday, April 03, 2009

Learning how to play blackjack

It is amazing the moment you learn how to play cards and interact with folks who plays them well. You just noticed that even with the way they talk, argue, or negotiate, you can immediately spot a card game style being used on you. The recent one I had was with a friend who was trying to set me up to reveal information. He was laying down assumptions and was partly waiting for me to dare and give an answer. If right or wrong, I'll be forced to reveal. I did not even dare and blurted, "you are doing a Texas Holdem Poker on me!".

With that experience, I decided to start learning another card game and this time Blackjack.

(A blackjack or natural is when you hit the score 21 in two cards.
This is an ace and a face or ten card)

Blackjack is a game of skill where a player has to make a well-thought decision. The objective is to hold a hand that adds more, versus your competition, but will not exceed 21. The skill comes in knowing when to:
  • take more cards (hit)
  • stop taking cards (stand)
  • double your bet and take only one more card (double down)
  • make two separate hands out of the original cards dealt (split)
  • when to bet more

As I don't get to play cards with people that often, there are sites like Casino Reviews, that teaches you Online Blackjack, success tips, game play strategy, and refer sites where you can also put your skill to the test.

The game play strategy, from basic to advance, is very important and one must take time to practice before visiting a real casino or play with actual money online.

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