Friday, April 03, 2009

Finding a safe casino online

I find online gambling similar to the world of search engine marketing. It is a game of chance that requires skill, meaningful thinking, and a touch of luck to beat your competition. If there are spam sites or blogs (often referred to as splogs), the same can be said to online casinos.


So if you are looking for casinos accepting usa players, such as those listed in Top USA Online Casinos, or anyone else worldwide, it is important to know the following:
  • Technical support.
    Can they be called and do they speak English?

  • Is it secure?
    Ideally, you should use a different user id and password for casino sites. Especially when you make deposits and get payments to or from your account.

  • 3rd-party auditor
    Their system should be audited for gambling payouts and transactions. Make sure that the audit firm's website is linked for further verification.

  • Advertising
    Deal with firms that are highly visible who takes the effort to advertise and make themselves known. There was an online gambling site owned by a friend before and was actively supporting our events although low profile.

  • What do users say about them?
    Go to well established online gambling forums and ask long-time users - of their experience about the site. They will be most likely to help if you encounter any problems.

  • Contact information
    Who are the people behind the site? The more transparent they are, the more credible they become.

  • Licensed
    Is the site licensed? If yes, under which jurisdiction?

  • International Gaming Council (IGC) membership
    IGC membership meant that these online casinos adhere to code of ethics.
I am sure there are many other concerns to consider. Just be cautious and avoid trouble.