Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Casino review site - Gambling Review

Gambling Review is the 7th casino review site that we are featuring here as part of a series.


What I find interesting about the site includes:
  • It has a special listing of casino sites ranked according to the amount of bonuses it gives a player.

  • It is the only site I have seen so far that has a good reference for UK and Euro casino site where one can play. I think this is also the reason why this site is one of the most popular gambling site in terms of its traffic as reported in Alexa.

  • It has an online casino guide, poker guide, and casino games guide that is meant to provide an insight to the visitor on how sites are reviewed.

  • It features a lot of classic and popular games, like Roulette, where history of the game and how it has evolved is mentioned. It also has information on how the game is played.

    Sometimes though I wonder if the history of a game has any relevance for the reader who is likely there just to play and find out how to do it. Although reading through it also gives a feeling of novelty as well that may make you appreciate it even more.

    Like the other casino sites I have seen, I wish there are photos or videos that can complement these sections so that newbies interested to learn more will be able to visualize it.