Friday, April 10, 2009

Casino review site - Gamble Craft Online Casino Guide

Gamble Craft is the sixth casino review site that we are featuring here as part of a series.


What I like about this Online Casino site are as follows:
  • First one I saw that has a slots review. It has rating and bonus information.

  • First one I saw that has a software section that is meant to help increase a gambler's productivity such as poker coach, video poker calculator, computing your gambling odds.

  • For those wanting to get into the online casino business, this is the first site I saw that has a review of software that can be used for such. It can give you an idea on market players such as Cryptologic, Microgaming, Playtech, and Realtime Gaming.
Although the site's Alexa ranking may be not high in comparison to other online casino review site, this one has a captive U.S. audience as it ranks 2nd of the 6th I have seen so far in terms of Compete ranking.

Some improvements that can help also includes:
  • The site is a bit hard core in terms of tutorial as it talks about probability and the likes which may be too much to process for newbies. Perhaps videos or photos further illustrating the point will really help a lot.

  • Since the site already has a distinction with its online casino software reviews, it may help also to create a ranking based on that.